Building Trust in the Real Estate Market

What does Brickbase do?


Brickbase does something very simple, that yet cannot be found on international markets: Real Estate Securitization. REITs and real estate funds are pools of properties, spread across a country or across the globe, and very often the investment product is not even real estate!


Liquidity is not an attribute that appeals only to investors and financial practitioners: greater liquidity means cheaper cost of funding for property development projects. Greater liquidity in the real estate market would also have a tempering effect on the credit crunch that comes with periods of financial crisis


While investing in the shareholders' capital of a company can be done through a simple "Buy" order on a stock exchange, investing in real estate is a much more bureaucratic process. Brickbase deconstructs the sales and purchase of real estate into a seamless process. Less bureaucracy, more investment.

Meet our team

Michel Mustapha Raggio, CFA

Venture builder and CFA charterholder with experience in product management, investment banking, fintech and ecommerce MSc in Finance – Bocconi University

Natcha Charoenwai

Business Development professional, with extensive managerial and venture building experience BSc in Mass Communication – Ramkhamhaeng University

Ahmed Mashadani

Entrepreneurial digital marketer and growth hacker who is applying his 5+ years of experience in Google BA in Management – University of Nottingham

Dario Guarascio

Full-stack developer, serial startup founder genuinely passionate about building businesses BSc in Information Technology – Università degli Studi della Calabria

We are Hiring

Our vision is to become the reference for real estate investment, and we are just getting started.

We're looking for ambitious talents to join our team and build awesomeness.

What kind of profile are we looking for? We want smart, dynamic and ambitious people who want to get first-hand experience in building a venture from the ground up.